Sunday, 10 May 2015

My 1st wedding anniversary

So as I previously mentioned in a post, I am married. So for today's post I thought I'd take you on a trip down memory lane and give you an insight to one of the most beautiful days of my life.

Firstly I still cannot believe it has been 365 days since I married the love of my life. At 22 some people may think that's very young but I am the happiest I could possibly be. Reminiscing on this day is very emotional but of course in the happiest way. 

Me and my husband have known each other since the age of ten, we lived a few doors away frogmarch other and he was a friend of my two elder brothers. At that age we barely spoke and as people do he moved away. We met again at age 15 and I barely recognised him, in fact I'm surprised he recognised me from the ten year old I was, in flared corduroys and turtle necks (which he has never let me forget!). We had a brief chat and that was it I didn't really have much contact with him until I met him in college again at the age of 17. We spoke for a few days on Facebook and agreed to meet up, and after the most amazing first day we spend together it wasn't long until we were officially an item. Fast forward two years, we moved in together and had our beautiful daughter & not long after he proposed. It came as a huge shock but of course I was over the moon.

On the 10th of May 2014, I woke up after a terrible nights sleep, I had my brothers, my mother in law and my bridesmaids all rounded up at mine, we had an early start, the photographer showed up bright and early to take photos of us all getting ready, there's not very many of me smiling as the whole morning I felt as if I was either going to be sick or cry, I couldn't believe the day was finally here. I did my own makeup and luckily one of my beautiful bridesmaids was a hairdresser and was kind enough to do everyone's hair. In all honesty the morning was a bit of a blur, I do however remember vividly, finally walking downstairs ready to go and feeling like a princess, I'd seen this so many times on films and I never imagined it would be me.

We had the most beautiful car which turned up early thankfully (I was so scared of being late to my own wedding!) we all had pictures in and out of the car and we set off. 

When we began planning the wedding, as neither of us are religious we decided against a church wedding, we went to a wedding fayre and found the most beautiful venue, it was out of the way in a beautiful racecourse, initially our first choice was to get married outside but as always  the great British weather was not on our side. So we went to plan B.

Again unfortunately a lot of the following part was a blur, I arrived at the venue, everyone had been seated and we're waiting for my arrival, I remember speaking to the registrar and being asked lots of question, I couldn't think straight, I just wanted to get in there and stand by the man I was about to marry, soon enough they called us through my four beautiful bridesmaids led the way and with my two big brothers by my side they walked me down the aisle. As a child I never thought I would get married  (I'm not to sure why) however, one thing I did know was that if ever I did, I would walk down the aisle to the track 'pachabel canon' from my all time favourite childhood film 'father of the bride'. The whole time walking down the aisle I couldn't look at Nick, I didn't want to cry before we had even started. Everyone was seated and we began our vows, we each chose different vows and they were so beautiful, of course I cried like an absolute baby, we exchanged rings, had our first kiss as husband and wife and then signed the marriage certificate. 

The whole day was such a whirlwind, there were photos and canopies, then we were brought into the marquee , stepping in there and seeing how beautiful it all looked was so overwhelming, we had our speeches and our dinner and then back to more drinks before the first dance. Our song of choice was Ron Pope - Perfect for me, which if you haven't heard, definitely do go and listen. I remember being so nervous but as soon as I put my arms around my husband it was as if we were the only ones there, so much so I didn't even notice when everyone began crowding around to take photos and videos. We had the most amazing day surrounded by the most amazing people and I will always cherish the beautiful memories.

So this has been a very lengthy post, summarising your wedding day within a few sentences is definitely not an easy thing to do but I hope you enjoyed reading about the day I married the most wonderful man.

Happy anniversary Nicholas, here's to many more years filled with happiness and love.

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