Thursday, 23 April 2015

What's in my bag?

This lovely bag was a gift at Christmas off my lovely husband, I'm not a huge handbag hoarder and Ill always tend to go with neutral colours so it can be worn with any outfit & this handbag is definitely me.

I have to clean my handbag out on a weekly basis normally because with a three year old running about she's always sneaking little toys in in for 'just in case' we are out and about and she 'needs' it, i'm terrible at keeping receipts although i don't know why, and i always have far too much than is needed. So here is a less cluttered version of my bag & what's inside.

My phone. The last time i upgraded my phone I had no idea what I wanted. I previously had a Sony and before I had an iPhone but all suffered from my clumsiness and I ended up dropping them and breaking them fairly quickly, so this time I went with the iPhone 5c, the safer phone for me as my husband like to say as its a lot more hardwearing, I went with the white option although they come in various colours and in all honesty theres not a huge difference between the 5s/c.

My diary, as mentioned in a previous post I literally need to write everything down. I can't keep up with daily life if I don't, i'm not sure when it happened but it definitely feels like life got a whole lot busier and its seems there aren't enough hours in the day this particular one is from TKmaxx & is by Emma Bridgewater.

Soap & glory's hand cream. Like all of their products this smells like a dream, I carry this everywhere  especially for the colder days when my hands really need a little moisture.

My purse, again another lovely gift from my husband, It's from Michael Kors and matches my sunglasses case.

My 'on the go' charger, I can't remember the technical term for this but it's basically my life saviour, I leave this on charge over night, pop it in my bag and no more 0% battery for me.

Tissues are a must with a 3 year old, any one with a child or younger sibling will understand this.

My sunglasses, I got these beauties in tk maxx, I absolutely adore the cat eye style.

I'm always on the go, with a busy three year old and a full time job, with the lovely weather we've had recently I love that to stay feeling fresh.
Headphones, a must when I'm in the go!
I don't normally make the habit of carrying a full size, but for this blog post I thought I'd share my favourite scent, modern muse chic for Estée Lauder.
Working in an office these almost seem a neccesity, I hate having the little packets, firstly because I always tend to lose them, secondly because as soon as I offer them around they're empty and thirdly they stay aloytfresher in this neat little tub.

So there we have it, a less cluttered version of what's in my bag, depending on what I am and where I am going, I also carry a small makeup bag which I haven't featured in this however, I guess this gives me a chance to do a 'what's in my make up bag' post. I love getting an insight into what other carry around, is that just me? 

It's time I got ready for work but I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and enjoys the rest of the weekend ahead!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Getting organised in three steps.

Now this is a gift I definitely was not blessed with, I have never been organised up until recently, new year, new me right? (How very cliche of me). The fact I have an almost non existent memory has never helped, so the first tip I have is right everything down. If it's written down, it's not forgotten. I bought a beautiful diary which I literally write everything in, appointments I have. Days I’ve booked off from work. Phone calls I need to make, literally everything. This diary I bought is from TKmaxx and is by Emma Bridgewater and I adore it, especially as it’s full of delicious recipes also!      

The second tip id say is take advantage of your smart phones. As well as writing things in my diary I make use of the notes, the reminders and if I need to do some at a specific time I even go as far as to set an alarm. Alongside the apps I use that are already integrated on my I phone, I downloaded an app titled and I honestly love it (is that a little sad?)it has various sections for you to prioritise your to do list and once you’ve completed the task you just swipe across and it crosses out, it’s so satisfying. Of course there are hundreds of apps out there and different people will enjoy using different ones so just have a look to see what work for you.

 The third tip I'd say is prioritise if there's something you're dreading doing then get it done first and work from there, also if there's something you need to do and it can be done in two minutes get that out of the way also, leaving you with more time for the more complicated tasks you need to get done and not having a million and one things going around in your head.

If anyone has any more organisational tips feel free to leave them below.
Hope everyone has had a lovely Easter.

Thursday, 2 April 2015


I hate introductions, wether its over the internet or real life, I find them extremely awkward and cliche, is that just me? Although I do think its nice to know a little bit about the face behind the blog. 

So now for the cringy bit. If you're new here (so am i, don't worry) Im 22 & I live in Wales. I work full time and live with my husband and our three year old daughter. Ive always enjoyed writing and being creative so I've finally decided to get into blogging again. I'm a lot more committed this time around and luckily I have a brother in the advertising industry who is very computer savvy so I'm hoping he will help me design my blog and change it up as time goes on. 

I started this blog over 3 years ago but i wasn't great with technology (not much has changed can you tell?). I wasn't really sure what sort of content I wanted to post and I wasn't hugely committed to it. I had no idea how to go about making posts aesthetically pleasing or what sort of content I even wanted to write. So, its taken me three years but i think I've finally found my niche in the blogger world

I didn't want to limit myself to blogging in one particular category, so for those interested my posts shall include all things beauty/hair, lifestyle, toddler posts and possibly some home decor posts.

So with April comes showers but also a new season (although it starts in March) with the hope of sunshine and warmer weather and from myself a new beginning with this blog.

I always love finding need new blogs to follow and new reading material so feel free to link me to your blogs. Happy Friday guys, see you soon.