Thursday, 2 April 2015


I hate introductions, wether its over the internet or real life, I find them extremely awkward and cliche, is that just me? Although I do think its nice to know a little bit about the face behind the blog. 

So now for the cringy bit. If you're new here (so am i, don't worry) Im 22 & I live in Wales. I work full time and live with my husband and our three year old daughter. Ive always enjoyed writing and being creative so I've finally decided to get into blogging again. I'm a lot more committed this time around and luckily I have a brother in the advertising industry who is very computer savvy so I'm hoping he will help me design my blog and change it up as time goes on. 

I started this blog over 3 years ago but i wasn't great with technology (not much has changed can you tell?). I wasn't really sure what sort of content I wanted to post and I wasn't hugely committed to it. I had no idea how to go about making posts aesthetically pleasing or what sort of content I even wanted to write. So, its taken me three years but i think I've finally found my niche in the blogger world

I didn't want to limit myself to blogging in one particular category, so for those interested my posts shall include all things beauty/hair, lifestyle, toddler posts and possibly some home decor posts.

So with April comes showers but also a new season (although it starts in March) with the hope of sunshine and warmer weather and from myself a new beginning with this blog.

I always love finding need new blogs to follow and new reading material so feel free to link me to your blogs. Happy Friday guys, see you soon. 

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